TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE is falling on 26th May 2021, its impact and significance on world.

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TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE ( 26th May 2021) 


The first lunar eclipse of 2021 falls on the 26th May 2021. this is a total lunar eclipse but will hardly be seen in India so the Sutak norms will not be followed in India. however, in the places that it will be seen the moon will be completely covered by Earth’s umbral shadow at the time of total eclipse..

some parts in India will witness the penumbral part of the eclipse only for few minutes and thus those parts will be worst impacted by the eclipse side effects of natural calamities , border tensions, celebrity deaths etc.. The North East side of India , West Bengal , Odisha, Andhra Pradesh ,Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar islands will face the wrath of this eclipse.

The Yaas cyclone hitting the shores of East and South East India is a clear example of how Eclipse can create havoc… the massive fire in HPCL plant in Visakhapatnam on 25th May a day before the eclipse is another example of the  problem the eclipse is creating.

Major trouble shoots in the areas of Eclipse path and I have been predicting on these areas to be suffering of natural calamities since last decade and half.

The Eclipse path covers South America, North America, Canada , South of African continent, East Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean , China , Japan , Russia, etc… and these will be the major problem areas a fortnight before and after the eclipse.. one should also keep in mind that we have a solar eclipse on the 10th of June following it and the problems areas cover most of Europe, Asia, Much of West and SW of Africa , north America, Atlantic and arctic oceans.. Not good times coming in summers of 2021..

The recent volcanic eruption in Congo , the split of major Iceberg chunk in Antarctica were already predicted as areas that will suffer a lot due to the impact of the eclipse.

What to Do on Eclipse:

  1. avoid going out on eclipse,
  2. keep tulsi leaves on your food as basil has strong properties to absorb negative energies.
  3. chant mantras to cleanse one’s aura.
  4. do meditation.
  5. Follow Sutak norms if applicable in your area.
  6. doing charity is very good during eclipse period or immediately after eclipse period.
  7. performing Havan also brings in a lot of positive vibrations.
  8. wearing rudraksh during this time after duly energizing it.
  9. energies one’s mantras and yantra’s is very good thing to do.
  10. cleanse one’s house by circulating dhuni or guggal, Loban, frankincense , camphor and clove

Eclipses are not always scary but they are cosmic events that also paves a path for self correction , inner enlightenment … it is us who has to choose what we want to do during that period..

Have a joyful insights… and stay blessed..

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