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Mrs Pratibha Pawar
(W/O Shri Sharad Pawar)

Dear Nandita ,
It is heartening news that your website is being launched ! You are an internationally acclaimed Astro Vastu Tarot Consultant and a gifted Spiritual healer too ! I am sure your website will come up with Solutions and Salvation to humankind. I wish all the success !

Ramola Bachchan

Hi Nandita ,
Really excited and happy for you on the launch of your new website. You are such an expert in your field that I am sure your will be able to help many more people around the world through your site . Wishing you every success going forward ...
warm regards !!
Ramola Bachchan

The RKB Show

In all my years as a journalist and TV anchor (that’s 36 years) I have never seen any Tarot Card reader more accurate than Nandita Pandey! Her insight, skill, intuition and interpretation of the cards is truly remarkable! Nandita HAS the “SIGHT” RKB, The RKB Show

Puneet & Nadia Ahluwalia
Member of Trump Asian Advisory Committee , USA.

“We were introduced to Nandita jee thru her wonderful husband. We found her reading insightful and helpful with remedies which are doable. Besides being a good person, she communicates effectively without raising concerns to overcome challenges. We highly recommend everyone to seek her advise for direction.”
Puneet & Nadia Ahluwalia
Political Business Strategist

Prof.(Dr. S P SINGH Oberoi, Dubai)
Managing Trustee, Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust(Regd.)

It gives me an immense pleasure to know that Ms.Nandita ,a reputed Numerologist is launching a website in this field. She is an expert in Astrology and this study in present modern digital world on scientific grounds has special importance .
I hope this website will be highly useful to the public.
I wish her success in life.

Professor D P Tripathi
( MP, Rajya Sabha & General Secretary , Nationalist Congress Party ,NCP)

Dear Nandita,
You exude phenomenal understanding of the metaphysical world and this radiance reflects in your persona as well....
The accuracy of your predictions at times surprises the Atheist in me.
I am sure your wisdom will enlighten numerous lives globally who touch base with you through your website

Prof. Salima Hashmi ,
Art Critique, D/O Faiz Ahmad Faiz (Famous Poet )

Dear Nandita - greetings from Lahore and hoping you go from strength to strength!
Salima Hashmi
Professer , Art Critique,
D/O Faiz Ahmad Faiz (Famous Poet )

Jaspinder Narula
Bollywood Singer

Popular TV Actor Donal Bisht
( Main lead - Ek Deewana Tha , Sony TV fame )

(it means, The Soul in me bows to the Divine Soul in You).

Welcome to my Sacred Soul Space…!!

I am Nandita Pandey, an AstroTarotloger, Past Life Regression Therapist, Vaastu / Space Healer,
Numerologist , Crystal /Angel Healer, Spiritual Guide and Life Coach.

Spiritually speaking, there are no coincidences…
And if some search of yours has landed you on my page… then perhaps you at this
moment were meant to be here… Perhaps what you are searching for has your
answers here… perhaps the Divine Grace wanted you to explore a little more and experience
what attracted you to be here in the first place..…

As a panel of Astrological and Metaphysical expert in...

Happy clients


Model, Actor

I am connected to Nandita ma’am from past 8 years. It’s been a wonderful learning experience with her. Initially I used to think that we need to have a spiritual side in us to grow in spiritualism but Nandita ma’am helped me in my inner journey to grow spiritually. I am highly thankful to ma’am to make me understand the real meaning of peace and spiritualism. As a person also I have seen drastic changes within myself which is helping me to deal with day to day chaos with utmost ease and positivity. I am highly thankful to ma’am. She is my Mentor, my Guru.. Atma namastey

Prakhya Srivastava,

Before meeting Nandita ji I was a non believer , I never took the healing, meditation  or even God so seriously. I always thought of people practicing astrology or claiming healing r means of money making from distress victims. Life was as always topsy-turvy and out of curiosity once I went to Nandita ji and my belief has changed for ever. Though I didn't take guru deeksha from her but she is my guru in my spiritual journey as she initiated me to the process. I deeply respect her alot as she changes my life in a very positive way. She gave me the courage to forgive, confidence to love and accept. She teaches me the art of blessing and staying blessed. Thank you Nandita ji for touching me like this. You are a God sent Angel. Love you

Nandita Kumar
Media Consultant

Nandita has been a huge influence in my life. She has been a guiding force and has channelled my thoughts positively and uplifted my spirit. While her Astrological skills are undoubtedly unquestionable it’s her healing skills that has transformed me. A friend, guide, Ma, mentor, friend, charismatic lady and a Diva is how I see her - A true human personified. Nandita Kumar, Delhi. A woman (Daughter, mom, wife, friend, herself, entrepreneur, consultant, leader, follower and a student of life)

Madhurendrra Pande
Editor, gossipganj.com

I have known Nandita ji since 2007 , last 10 years.. From consultations on Astrology to Numerology, I follow all her advice and implement them sincerly in my life. She is a Spiritual Guide par excellence, I have excelled in my life under her guidance. Under her guidance , I have made numerological changes on my name, my wifes name and even my son' s name and have benefitted a lot because of these changes...  

Abhijat Mittal
IT Expert, UK

I had been struggling in my life with a lot of issues and challenges. With guidance from Nandita ji, future path became a lot clearer. I have been consulting her since last 12 years and still keep reaching out to her on regular basis for next-step guidance and also general advise. Her clear articulation of problem at hand and also what should be done to alleviate that helps us find light. Like in one situation, I was looking for answers related to my daughter’s treatment and her inputs helped us decide the future course of action with conviction. She is our link to the universe and Thank You for being a positive energy in our life.  

Rennie Joyy
Partner - Spearhead Law firm

Nandita has a special touch of understanding the issues and reading the solutions accurately. I’ve been following her guidance right from salt water therapy , to tarot and astrology since last 7 years now and she has always been bang on with her predictions and guidance. Her political analysis also just amazes me. A blessing indeed to be knowing her and taking her guidance...

Rekha Sharma
Entreprenuer , Events

When I found myself lost.. searching for purpose and meaning of life NANDITA guided me. And for last 12 years Nandita has been there in my thick and thin. She has changed my life radically. She introduced me to spirituality. Her predictions have been always correct.. to the last detail. For me she is a god sent angel whose frequency is much higher than compared to most of us.

Dr. Archana Singh,

I met Nandita Didi few years back through a friend. She is an excellent human being and truly gifted. She listens to all my problems with patience and always offers a perfect solution to them.
All her predictions for me have come true and her guidance has really helped me overcome many obstacles in life.
I am really blessed to have her as my guide and healer in life.

Dr Shivangi Singh

I am indebted to Nandita Didi for spreading positivity in my life.She is a true Guru, such a selfless human being who guides anyone in need without expecting anything in return. Her advice works wonders.i am so thankful to god that I met her.


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