Every number in the universe carries a certain amount of energy and vibrations with it. When these numbers repeatedly occur in our lives, they hold some messages and significance for us to either cleanse our karmas or to enhance our life condition.

Numerology is the universal language of numbers. The date that a person is born with holds a significant role in creating a certain life path for that person. Not only this, even the name one gets and is recognized with also holds a certain amount of numeric energy vibrations. These too can cause growth or hindrances depending on how align they are to your natural birth numbers. Every alphabet is assigned a number and radiates its vibration to the universe. These numbers when rectified according to your unique needs helps in unlocking the keys to our success, new opportunities, relationship patterns etc. it also helps us in understanding the lessons to be learnt in life and new challenges that we would meet in life.

Since we cannot change the day we have been born on, one doesn’t need to get disappointed for the hope lies in attuning our name numbers to the destiny number and our life path number so that we are able to create more powerful energies around us.

By doing this we channelize our energies towards a better coordination with the cosmic energy. This eventually helps in creating success, good health, name, fame , happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

Nandita has always had a penchant for numbers and ever since as a kid , she would notice how certain days and dates in her life and for people close to her would bring about significant changes in their lives. Thus started her journey to understand the world of numbers. Her first teacher and the most promising one so far has been Chiero, whose books opened up new pathways for her. This was the beginning… soon she went into reading more about them and eventually deciphered her own style of implementing numerology.

For her numerological readings she considers not only the birth date but also the birth time. Chalking out a horoscope, and then the number graph, she then fills up the gaps with the most required and needed numbers in the person’s life.
This makes it a very powerful combination and the end result is quite magical and successful.

Why should you go for Numerology Corrections:

  •  If you have been working extremely hard in life and yet success does not come to you. You find no reasons for the same and don’t have many answers to it.
  •  If you consistently feel drained out and lethargic in life and face health issues. Perhaps the number of the house you stay in does not correlate with your numeric energies.
  •  For creating happiness and harmony in life.
  •  For enjoying easy financial flow.

Attune yourself to the number world and change your life… change your destiny..!!

Numerological consultation: US $200
Alignment , Attunement and energizing of your Name: US $200.
House Number Alignment and Attunement : US $150.
Alignment of vehicles: US $100.
Alignments with mobile numbers: US $100.

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