Energy Healing

A clairvoyant and an intuitive energy healer, Nandita has been blessed with special healing skills. She has her own way of attuning to the cosmic forces where she is able to trap onto powerful Divine Prana’s or Universal Life energy. She then works backwards by infusing these life forces into the energy body of the client so that healing works in all the levels be it physical, mental, emotional or soul levels. Nandita is a natural healer. Being blessed by the Divine Supreme in many forms, her healings are subtle and yet extremely powerful in bringing in the desired results. Primarily an Arhat Pranic healer, Angel healer, Magnified healer, Karuna Reiki healer,  and a crystal healer, she has also been blessed with Reiki energies that flows from her without any formal initiation. Having been initiated into Kriya Yoga by Mahavtaar Baba ji and Yogananda Paramhansa ji themselves, she feels blessed to be in this path of spirituality. No wonder,  Meditation is an inherent part of her life style and this helps her in creating her own healing patterns for her clients. She has had the privilege of the blessings and guidance of Ascended Masters , Spiritual Guru’s, the Divine Supreme Grace who have softly and subtly guided her into her Spiritual Soul Path. During her meditation she travels into higher realms and in the state of oneness with the Divine Source, she helps in healing people from that higher state of consciousness. Her Spiritual journey brought her deep into many meditative forms and practices be it Buddhist meditation, Vedic mantra meditation, Kabbalic meditation , Arhat meditation and much more…her meditative journey started when she was all of 13yrs and she has never looked back ever since. Apart from the traditional healing patterns like Pranic or Reiki, She is also a practitioner of Shri Sadhna and Shambhavi sadhna . These meditative techniques have helped her in activation of her energy centres and also in experiencing oneness with the creator of all that is… In due course  she has her own style of healing patterns which she customizes as per the needs and requirements of the patient so as to get maximum benefits and results. Before getting into healings one also needs to understand what are these energy healings and how these healing patterns work. Pranic Healing is an energy healing pattern taught by Grand Master Choa Kuk SUI , where the Coloured Pranas (Life force energies ) are absorbed from the environment and healings are done through them. This is a very powerful healing technique and the results are extremely realistic and amazing. Taught by Grand Master Usui, Reiki healing is also another form of energy healing pattern where Energized Symbols  are used to heal problems in life be it physical, mental , emotional , spiritual. In Crystal Healing, crystals are used as mediums to absorb Divine energies from the cosmos so as to heal the affected person and his/her problems. Crystals have their own consciousness and are said to heal a person like a laser ray. They work as a high speed super sonic computer and can bring in changes much faster than other healing modalities. Angel healing therapy is a Divine medium and where Angels are invoked via special grids and meditations and healings are done with their help. Since Angels reside in the fifth plane of consciousness, their energies are very pure, loving, eclectic, beautifully and divinely charged, therefore they help in healing much faster and in a more powerful manner. Each session is divinely guided and is unique to your needs to bring in fulfillment and harmony in your life for your highest good.



Take two table spoon of salt (Preferably Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Rock Salt or Lahori Salt). If you don’t have that, a normal table salt will also do). Mix it in half a bucket of water. If you are using bathing tub then two handful of salt in the tub will be required. Now make an affirmation that all your problems in your life (mental, Physical, financial, professional, relationship etc…) should get absorbed, dissolved and destroyed (v. imp to say this) through this saltwater bath.

Keep repeating it when you pour this water from six inches above your head… if you don’t want to wet your hair you can use shower cap. After this bath, take your normal shower with soap and shampoo as you desire….

Salt has a very strong property of cleansing your aura…

After this, sit in a clean place preferably your puja place or any neat and clean place and then meditate for five minutes. When I say meditate, all you need to do is to sit in a comfortable position, can be padma asana if you want to and then invoke any divine you believe in and then say the following prayer. You can modify the language as per your convenience.. what is important is to talk from your heart.

Mentally, talk to the Divine … say, “Lord make me a pure channel so that I can pass on your divine energies to all these people (bless all the people who have hurt you the most- including your family , friends, colleagues , acquaintances etc… ) Who at some point of time have exchanged negative vibes from me. May they all be in peace, may they all do well in their lives, and may they all be happy, successful and content in their lives. Lord bless me to have that wisdom to do the right thing at the right time. May I feel your presence all around me all the time. Bless me lord and bless everyone on this earth with peace and happiness and love.

After this start your day afresh… slowly and steadily you will start finding such miraculous changes in your lives which probably you had never expected to happen. Do it with faith and sincerity… you will feel lighter, happier, successful, content in your life…

Try this therapy, I have tried customizing it as per my wisdom of the divine and have been propagating it since 2004… now I do get calls LIVE on TV where people confess the miracles they have experienced through this therapy…

With hopes that you do get inspiration to follow this therapy…

Looking forward to listening to miracles in your lives…

Healing through the Divine energies of Tarot

Tarot is another powerful medium to create happiness and harmony in life. Tarot Angels have also been used in healing modalities where Divine Energy Grids are created by their help to manifest peace, prosperity, good health, happiness, abundance and success in life.. in these healing we attune you to the Tarot realm to bring forward wisdom, guidance,  love and assistance from them.

Apart from the above mentioned healing patterns there are also various other healing modalities, but for now we shall only limit ourselves into these few.

Understanding the path of love and forgiveness, she customized her famous “SALT WATER THERAPY” also now popularly known as Nandita’s Magic Potion. A therapy which is very simple to follow, and yet brings about deep life transforming changes in a person’s life. She has been telling about it to her viewers in her famous TV daily Tarot show “KISMET KE PATTEY” & “DATE WITH TAROT” in SAHARA SAMAY TV Channel, India and has a huge data base and feedbacks to prove its relevance.

There are various healing modalities that is practiced by Nandita and all are powerful with results from the first sessions itself. You can ask for a instant chakral healing session or a monthly session from her to heal your mind, body and soul.

Distant instant chakral healing session  which balances and activates all your chakras immediately. : US $150.

(This is very helpful if you have an important meeting / activity that you have to undertake or have an interview lined up for you or have a business deal that you plan to crack. This pattern of healing immediately energizes your energy centres(chakras), balances your mind, body and soul energies and creates an amicable environment in your favour) 

Traditional Distant Healing sessions per session of half hours : US $150.

( Includes Pranic / Angel therapy/ Reiki/ Crystal healing etc session)

 (This energy healing pattern is excellent for immediate healing of chronic pains, back aches, stiff collar bones, arthritis, migraines, fever, cold/cough, throat/lung congestion, abdominal problems etc… the result is instantaneous and gives immediate relief to the patient and one feels light and comfortable. )

Distant Healing session for issues related to relationships, career, finances etc on monthly basis ( Daily healing through meditative healing energies) : US $810.

( Although the effects can be seen from the first week of the healing itself, yet a time frame of 3 months is taken for complete healing to take place in monthly sessions.

Monthly distant healing sessions are strongly recommended for you if you feel stuck in Love life, if you are facing huge relationship deadlocks , if your marriage is not working or if you find yourself always in professional deadlocks, Career graph not giving you the desired growth or if you are stuck up in huge financial debts or obligations and only witness financial blockages in life. The monthly energy healing sessions also helps you in cleansing of psychic attacks, evil eye effects etc.  )

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