SOCH –School of Cosmic Healing

SOCH – School of Cosmic Healing is a pathway to inner happiness…
It is an effort to help an individual or a society to achieve & experience inner peace, happiness, success, good health & above all a high life condition in one’s life & environment…

Under the banner of SOCH, I conduct energy healing, meditative workshops and also workshops catering to the needs of modern day stress, fatigue, health issues, relationship problems, team management, growth orientation in career, abundance in life, success and fame etc…

Different workshops are designed catering to different needs from an individual’s growth perspective to a corporate growth perspective. Each workshop has been thoughtfully designed to bring in human revolution at the core levels.

Few aim at spiritual healings and spiritual and meditative growth elevation. Others aim at achieving success in various parameters of life… be it personal, professional, materialistic, health, spiritual etc…

The aim of SOCH is to bring in inner peace in one and all… and to make one self reliant so as to deal with his/her problems on his/her levels and to triumph out of them.

Few popular one’s amongst them are as follows:

  •  Manifesting growth and abundance in life.
  •  Soul Mates, Twin flames and healing Soul Relationships.
  •  Healings, communication and Guidance through Angels & Guardian Angels.
  •  Crystals and their healing Prowess.
  •  Easy Team Management, handling high Stress and Anger through Auric energy healing.
  •  Instant chakral activation to achieve targets and success in interviews and meetings.
  •  Abundance manifestations through Spiritual elevation and kundalini activation.

…. And much more..

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