Practicing Vaastu for almost 15 years, Nandita Pandey has had the privilege of running a very successful and famous TV reality show “HOME HEALERS” in ZEE JAGRAN for 3 years in continuation. Her experience in various Astro related sciences and her energy scanning capabilities made it an extremely popular show of its time.

Believing in the aspects of “Jat Pindey Tat Brahmandey” which means the Macrocosm resides in the microcosmic human bodies, she has customized and developed techniques to assess the disbalance in the premises where the person stays. According to her, the human body, the place it resides in , its immediate environment, then the town, world, universe all has to be in coordination and in proper alignment to bring in peace and harmony in life.. These changes which are in total of 33% of the entire destined life can bring in huge transformation in a person’s life especially when it is possible to change for the betterment of life. 

She has her own unique system where she works vaastu doshas in alignment with the horoscope’s of the resident and thereby rectifies the vaastu based on these combined analysis. Having practiced for so long now, she has been able to decipher the effects of the planets  on the place and its owner based on the owner’s chart. According to her, this science is so deep that one can easily find out the vaastu dosha in the owners house just by plainly looking at his/her chart and vice versa. This special combination brings about more relevant and drastic changes in the life of the resident once the rectification is complete.

The most intriguing part for others is that she can literally see the energy flow at the premises.

She prefers calling herself as Vaastu and Space energy healer… Most Vaastu / Feng Shui "consultants" and "experts" generally follow whaat they have been taught by their masters or what ancient Vaastu texts have to say… but Nandita sees more than that and works in accordance with Space energy healing apart from application of basic ancient vaastu, astrology and related sciences.

Most experts might see a vaastu defect and will give you a generic remedy… For her, it is also about energies shooting from there and its adverse effects if any. Her knowledge and understanding of energy healings had made her show HOME HEALERS a popular show by any standards.

She has a unique divine way of trapping and healing the negative energies floating in the house. This makes her style more authentic, credible and valuable.

Her expertise in this field has been used widely by a number of prominent industrialist and politicians, waves of celebrities, top executives, bureaucrats etc… She is known for providing a comprehensive and complete solution to the resident by Vaastu and various other healing modalities.

She provides unique solution to each premises she handles keeping in mind the cosmic needs of the residents.

Her style of vaastu rectification involves a beautiful combination of ancient Vedic Vaastu, Pyra Vaastu, Yantra therapy, Colour Therapy,. Mirror therapy, Fengshui, Plant therapy etc..

What do we offer in my services…?

  • Nandita Pandey has a deep intuitive and energy sensitivity for any place that she visits. She can scan the aura of the house through her third eye and can assess the positive and negative energy at your place
  • Her own vibrations are so high that she doesn’t need any external energy healing system to scan the premises.
  • We analyze not only the interior of the premises but also the exterior environment to understand the Geopathic Stress on a place based on the North South Axis.
  • This helps us in zeroing down on the bad Vaastu and Fengshui elements and planetary forces
  • We have a unique way of measuring the impacts of the neighbouring buildings and satellite and electric transformers around the premises.
  • Explain you the Vaastu and Fengshui Defects existing at the premises
  • We also help in cleaning any negative entities or blockages formed due to evil eye, black magic etc..
  • Every room carries its own defects and energies… Nandita has been blessed to channelize the positive energies into the key problem areas and that helps in permanently cleansing them and rectifying them.
  •  Each and every corner is worked in details be it Vaastu Gaps/ corners, Toilet positioning, Overhead Tanks, Beams, Electricity, bore well, water tanks, stairs etc….
  • We believe in Vaastu Remedies which requires minimal or no demolitions and alterations.

The suggestions and remedies provided by Nandita Pandey  do go a long way in bringing in immense changes in a person’s life. Rectifications under her expertise have brought in a lot of happiness and harmony in the life of a  person.

Nandita’s Vaastu rectification are a key to create a balance in life… and to achieve peace, prosperity, good health, good fortune, marital happiness, business and financial satisfaction, children education and  overall in sustaining everlasting happiness and harmony at the place.


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