Crystal/ Angel Healing


Crystal Healing

Crystals are a beautiful world in themselves… They are a gift from Mother Nature, holding Gaia’s energy and vibrations. They are formed inside Mother Earth’s womb as its Magma melts and forms various crystals depending on the solutes chemical composition….

All said and done, in Spiritual healing, Crystal’s have been said to have their own high vibrations and energies and their own Soul Calling.

Crystal healing is an ancient metaphysical therapy that is non-invasive, holistic, alternative therapy that uses the energy of crystals to balance body, mind and spirit of a person and enhance wellness in life.

When invoked in the right manner, by an expert healer, crystals can do wonders to raise one’s vibration and heal all the aspects of one’s life be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, materialistic, soul world. They can bring huge magnificent changes in the life of the person who opts for crystal healing as an option.


Since their own energy vibrations are extremely high, they become very powerful medium to cleanse and energize one’s auric energy.

Clairvoyantly, they have been found to have more healing powers than any normal modalities of healings like Reiki, Pranic, Lama Fera, Theta etc… when these healing modalities make use of the crystals to direct their energies through via crystals, the energies go in a much faster manner and gives a supersonic speed impact.

They are so powerful that one can feel their energies by just even holding them in one’s hands…

Different crystals and grids are used to heal different problems. Since they hold a lot of powerful energies on its own, one should make sure to go to only an experienced healer.

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Angel Healing

Angels are our spirit guides and healing guides who work on the higher realms and are there to help us in our hour of need. They can only help us once we seek their energies and their guidance. Angels have many categories; there are Guardian Angels, Angelic Guides, Archangels and many more sections that one can divide them into.

Guardian Angels can be our departed loved ones or higher Soul who are always around us to help us. They come forth only when they are called upon. It goes for all the higher Angelic realms.

Angel Therapy is again a holistic therapy pattern, where your problems are looked upon through Divine Guidance of Angels, Ascended masters and Higher beings and through their guidance and help the solutions to your problems are healed.

Since they are beings from higher realms, and are enlightened beings, they have huge high vibrational energy source to quickly and mystically resolve one’s problems.

Angels have their own way of communications and can resort to many communication forms which can range from symbols, signs, music, thoughts, letters, words, numbers, feathers, you name it and it is there…

They are beautiful beings to immediately bring upon Peace and happiness in one’s life.

Angel Therapy or Angel guidance is a peaceful, joyful , non invasive  way of holistic healing.

One can also seek guidance from Angel Cards and the message that they bring forth. Clairvoyantly, one connects to your Guardian Angels and derives the message they have for you which needs to be worked upon.

At times a lot many report seeing Angels… their presence can be felt like sparkles of light around one’s aura, they can be seen as an illuminating ball of light which many decipher as having wings… The Ascended masters have a halo around them when they come down from higher realms to speak to you and heal your world.  Their guidance is truly Divine and absolutely therapeutic for one’s highest good.

Crystals or Angels can be used to heal all kind of problems.

Crystals are very powerful in healing physical, mental emotional problems especially related to health issues. They are also a very powerful medium to eradicate any kinds of psychic attacks and negative energies from one’s life.

Angels are great to heal any part of your life. They bring messages from Divine Supreme and following their guidance can be truly life transforming. Since they are from higher realms, they have the capacity to heal anything and everything that one might encounter in life.

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