Past Life Regression Therapy


Nandita Pandey is a practicing PLR Therapist since last 10 years. She was the first person in INDIA to conduct Past Life Regression session on three patients  for a reality show in” Kaun Hai?” a very popular show in STAR NEWS followed by a series of episodes on the same subject in the show “JEEVAN KE RAHASYA” in ZEE JAGRAN.

Her vast experience and her science background has made a lot of breakthroughs in this field and she has often been invited in various TV Channels ( namely STAR NEWS, IBN7, SAMAY, INDIA TV) for talking on PLR where she has met with huge opposition from doctors and rationalist. Her argument with deep insights on the scientific experiments done on this field has always proved her mettle in front of them.    

She has conducted PLR sessions on thousands of people so far and has impeccable data base to prove the relevance of PLR as a therapy. Her lists of clients boasts of many a famous celebrities and prominent personalities. 

Through her PLR techniques, she gently guides her clients into a deep theta state of relaxation and then helps in trapping their fears, phobias and anxieties and then releasing them from there. The end result makes the patient feel light and in harmony with peace and happiness in life.  

Nandita has been blessed with excellent intuitive and clairvoyant skills. Her Spiritual guides and Divine Supreme Source helped her in channelizing energies through Past Life Regression Therapy in order to heal the deep rooted wounds that the Soul tends to carry for life time after life times. The result is that what and how we act in our conscious state has a lot to do with what our Soul Imprints of the past. Our relationship patterns, good or bad also are a reflection of our Soul energy.

What happens in a PLR Session...

In her PLR Therapies, Nandita Pandey, as an expert she gently guides her clients into a deep meditative state and then helps them in trapping their fears, phobias and anxieties and then releasing them from there. She helps her patients to trap into the root cause of their problems through her deep Theta state meditate techniques.. This relaxes the client and helps them in quickly getting to their ROOT CAUSE of financial, relationship and health issues. Through her PLR techniques. The end result makes the patient feel light and in harmony with peace and happiness in life.

The sessions are dealt in such a manner that it helps in cleansing a lot of karmic debts, phobias, deadlocks that one has been facing in life, it eventually leads on to manifesting happiness and harmony. PLR works in the subconscious state and helps in mystically changing the life style patterns of a person for his or her highest good.

In the sessions, the present state, sufferings and experiences are addressed at multi-dimensional levels to give clarity and understanding of how one can shift into new circumstances.

What is to be noted is that as an energy healer, in each PLR session Nandita personally includes energetic clearing in deep subconscious levels. The manifestations in real life are quite a beautiful experience to comprehend. At times it may take more than one PLR sessions to heal a problem completely.

Why should you go for a PLR Session?

Ever wondered why you click with someone at the first go and yet can have deep relationship issues with people you have known for ages? Or a nagging career problem that is glued to you like a shadow and keeps following you from one place to the other. The phobias that you have in life right from your childhood days and do not know the reason behind it?

Well, then the answer to all your questions lies somewhere deep in your subconscious ~ the memory store house of many life times that you have had experienced. PLR Therapy helps you in coming face to face with these problems, get into its origin and heal it from there… Once when healed there are huge transformations that take place in your life… the fear just disappears, the money starts flowing in… the career takes a new boost… you feel exhilarated and in a better state to deal with life.. 

Though PLR helps in almost any aspects of one’s life… The main reasons for people to take up PLR has been as follows:

  •  To overcome any chronic phobia for eg phobias of heights, airplanes, animals ( lizard, snake, cats, dogs etc.), darkness, water, swimming etc…
  • If you have been suffering from deep rooted chronic health issues like Asthma, arthritis, suffocation, heart problems, abdominal problems, migraines etc … PLR turn out to be an excellent remedy.
  •  To heal your relationship issues for eg Love relationship, Marital problems and deadlocks, relationships with friends, family , strangers etc..
  •  To overcome professional deadlocks, financial blockages, stage frights etc..
  • To manifest peace and harmony by overcoming one’s own limited beliefs.

As a teacher of spiritual and intuitive development, Nandita Pandey’s  easy, comfortable, grounded, pragmatic approach allows the subject’s / client’s to powerfully connect with their lifetimes and spiritual resources in order to bring about Divine changes and beautiful manifestations in life..  to create the “human experience” they want and most certainly deserve. 

Upon placing your order, you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your session. In most cases, it takes around one and half-hours to 2 hours time to address one or two major life issues.

90 minute – 120 min PLR session with Nandita Pandey in person : 

In Delhi: Rs.9000/-
International : US $250

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