Baisakh Purnima / Buddh Purnima/ Kurma Jayanti / falling on 26th May 2021 … how to perform puja, prayers and what to do today..

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Baisakh Purnima / Buddh Purnima/ Kurma Jayanti  falling on 26th May 2021 …

How to perform puja, prayers and what to do today..

Buddha Purnima or Baisakh Purnima has huge significance amongst Sanatan Dharma ie Hindu’s and the Buddhists …

Purnima Tithi : Starts from 25th May 8:29 pm 

                        Ends on 26th May at 4:43 pm 


Buddh Purnima has huge significance for Buddhists as Lord Buddha was born today in Lumbini which now falls in Nepal. He also attained enlightenment on this day and achieved ParaNirvana as well on this significant day…

Doing meditation today at anytime of the day connects one to the beautiful Divine energy of Divine Supreme… It is one of the most powerful days when Lord buddha and his disciples , all the ascended masters come down to bless their followers.. the ones who follow the path of Love, compassion and forgiveness..

It is also a beautiful day to activate inner healing powers and strengths.. to activate one’s inner journey , the activation of Kundalini.. Sit in a meditative position with your spine erect, invoke the divine Supreme and Connect to the divine source and mentally focus on  the following mantra ..

” Aum Mani Padme Hum”

After the meditation , bless everyone around you and also Mother Earth with peace , love and Light..



Kurma Jayanti Muhurat : 4:26 pm – 4:43 pm 

According to the Vedic Shastras , Baisakh Purnima is also celebrated as also the birth anniversary of Lord Vishnu ji’s second incarnation – Kurma ( Tortoise). It is significant because Lord Vishnu in his second incarnation as Kurma had lifted the giant ‘Mandhranchal’ Mountain on his back at the time of ‘Sheer Sagar Manthan’.

How to offer Puja: in the morning after performing daily rituals, clean your puja altar , place a yellow cloth and keep Lord Vishnu Ji’s deity on it preferably in Kurma Avtaar form . Offer Tuli, sandalwood , incense, ghee diya, basil to the deity. Offering Sesame seed oil to Lord Vishnu and sandalwood paste brings auspiciousness in one’s life. Kurma or Tortoise is also significant for long life as their life span on an average is 350 years….

chant Vishnu shastranaamavali or any of his Mantra today..

“Aum Name Bhagvate Vaasudevaay “ can be chanted , do Aarti and offer Bhog / prasad to everyone .



Wishing you all a beautiful Baisakh /Buddha Purnima.. stay blessed..

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