Saturn goes retrograde on 23rd May till 11th October 2021.. its impact on your life based on your Moon sign and Ascendant ( Lagna Rashi )

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Saturn goes retrograde on 23rd May till 11th October 2021..

Its impact on your life based on your Moon sign and Ascendant ( Lagna Rashi )

Saturn the mighty planet shifts to its retro motion in the house of Capricorn from 23rd May 2021 to 11th of October 2021. how will this shift affect your life and what remedies one can do to appease the negative impact of Saturns retro motion.

A retro motion literally means a planet shifting backwards to the previous sign but in reality it stands stationary for few days and then slows down its movement so technically when we look from Earth it seems to be moving backwards and this aspect is known to be as Saturn’s retro motion.

A retro Saturn movement can create a lot of anxieties , hurdles and blockages in one’s life especially if one has debilitated Saturn , malefic Saturn in one’s chart or if one is undergoing Sade saati or Dhaiya phase of Saturn.

Saturn is about hard work, karma correction , removing karmic debts , self discipline , doing charity etc.. these get highlighted when Saturn is in retro motion and this also gives one an opportunity to cleanse all of above and learn lessons from life and move ahead in one’s Soul Path. It sets boundaries in one’s life and makes one restless and pushes him/her in taking actions at times which might trigger unnecessary hurdles in life. meditation , yoga, self discipline  and rest is the key to sail through these tough times

This blog looks into this aspect of Saturns retro motion in Capricorn in detail and its impact in one’s life. For the ones who are adversely affected by this motion , it also gives one remedial measures to pacify the negative impacts of Saturn.

The retro motion of Saturn in Capricorn will also impact the sign of Sagittarius to some extent as it seems to be shifting to Sagittarius.

The moon sign and ascendant who are undergoing Sadesaati or Dhaiya will be worst affected and they are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and also Scorpio along with Gemini, Libra, Taurus, Virgo . 



If you have Aries ascendant or Moon sign then this retro shift of Saturn impacts your house of career and house of luck . This shift however, will bring you some relief in property related matters and gains in life. you will be tempted to take short journeys and will be involved in religious activities. however, there are possibilities of career restrictions during these four month period.


REMEDIES: Offer sweets to Hanuman ji temple on Tuesdays .



If you have a Taurus Ascendant or Taurus Moon sign then Saturn goes retro in your ninth house which is the house of luck. Suddenly there will be hurdles and work will get stuck up at the last moment. It is very important to be careful while driving. Health issues will trigger too , Nerve related problems , minor accidents or pain in legs can get activated during this time. difference of opinion with bosses might cause problems in promotion.


REMEDIES: Chant Sunder Kaand in the late evenings on Tuesdays and Saturdays.



You are already running under the Dhaiya effect and the retro motion also impacts your health and also relationship with your spouse. This can be a tough time to deal with business partnerships. be careful about minor accidents or health related matters. Expenses shall be higher during this period.


REMEDIES: Light a mustard oil diya with black wick under a peepal tree on Saturday . Also chant Shani Shaanti Mantra .



If your ascendant or moon sign is Cancer then Saturn goes retro in your seventh house. It also impacts your sixth house. This impact in sixth house will make you win over your enemies and bring gains from your juniors. however, this can be a tough time especially to do with your marital matters. Health of spouse can also be a cause of concern.


Remedies: Offer a garland of 11 lemon to Goddess Kali.



Saturn goes retro in your sixth house. This can cause health issues and can also trigger debt related issues. if you have been stuck up in court cases then they might also go against you during this period or expenses might be higher than your expectations. Being dragged into unnecessary confrontations might happen. You might also be worried about a child of yours during these four months.


REMEDIES: Offer Jasmine oil and orange vermillion to Lord Hanuman ji on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


If you have a Virgo ascendant or Virgo Moon Sign then this can cause you a lot of stress in your academics ie if you are a student. there will be a lot of confusions and anxieties related to studies. avoid any important interviews around this period. Health of your motherly figure can be a cause of concern during this phase of life.


REMEDIES: Chanting Shani shaanti mantra will bring you a lot of relief. offering sweets in Hanuman ji temple on Tuesday’s will be a good thing to follow.



If you have Libra ascendant or Libra Moon sign in your horoscope then this can be a tough time to be in. Health issues will trigger badly and you will witness a lot of restlessness at the home front.  get your vehicles serviced properly before you decide to take up a journey lest it creates troubles for you later on. plumbing problems or renovation problems will trigger too.


REMEDIES: Offer jaggery and black gram to Panchmukhi ( five faced ) Hanuman ji  on Tuesdays and Saturdays.



If you have Scorpio ascendant or Scorpio moon sign then you have Saturns retro motion in your third house. there are possibilities of confrontations with younger siblings . your communications and PR skills will take a downslide and misunderstanding will develop. You might also have to incur few financial losses. Doing charity helps you immensely during this period. Body aches and lethargy overpowers you during this phase.


REMEDIES: Chanting Sunderkaand in the evening on Tuesdays and Saturdays will do you good.



If you have Sagittarius ascendant or moon sign is sagittarius then this can be a tough time to undergo as you are already running under the last leg of sadhesati phase. Mental and financial stress will trigger and can cause you a lot of anxieties and abruptness in your behaviors. communications take a down slide and chances of being misunderstood will run high. there are possibilities of some confrontations related to a property or money matters.


REMEDIES: Offer blue Aparajita flowers to Shani temple on Saturday’s and Chanting Bajrang Baan will protect you.



you are in the middle phase of your sadhesati and this retro movement creates a lot of turbulence in your life. Allegations and counter allegations will create a lot of stress and confusions in life. Health takes a downslide , nerve related problems, head aches can be a cause of concern.


REMEDIES: Take the orange vermillion and jasmine oil paste applied to Lord Hanuman ji from the right toe and apply this paste on your forehead.



You are also reeling under Saturn’s Sade saati phase and this time can create  lo too turbulence in your life as well. Sudden expenses will incur and you will feel restless and drained out all through this time. However. there is also support coming in from unexpected resources and this will bring in some relief in life.


REMEDIES: Invoke Goddess Kali and seek her blessings and chant Shani shaanti mantra to achieve peace and success in life.



If you have Pisces ascendant or Pisces Moon sign then Saturn goes into retro motion in your house of gains. This can give you mixed results, few career related issues might trigger up suddenly and inheritance might be a cause of concern. Although one can also expect few monetary gains during this time.


REMEDIES: Light a mustard oil diya beneath a Peepal tree on Saturdays.

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