Saturn is transiting in Aquarius on the 17th of January 2023 & its impact on your life….




(Based on your Ascendant and Moon Sign)


The second largest planet in the solar system and the slowest moving planet is about to change its zodiac sign and transit to its Moola Trikona Rashi ie in Aquarius on the 17th of January from the sign of Capricorn…

Saturn is also the lord of Karma; the Divine justice and it helps and pushes one towards one Soul Path and towards the divine purpose of life of a Soul.

Saturn also rules public, masses, labour class, servants, law, oil and petroleum, iron and steel, pharmaceutical and chemicals, transport, construction etc.… With this transit of Saturn, one is going to witness a lot of changes in one’s life depending on how Saturn is reflecting this new change in your horoscope.

This blog is written based on Saturn’s transit from one’s ascendant and Moon Sign.

Kindly check your horoscope to see what is your ascendant and moon sign. Your ascendant is the first house in your horoscope ie zodiac rising at the time of your birth and the Moon sign is the zodiac sign in which moon is placed.

This transit will change the Saturn Sade Saati (7 and ½ years) impact in various zodiacs. To begin with this Sade Saati phase will end for Sagittarius bringing them a lot of relief.

From 17th of January 2023, the Sade Saati will be there for the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.  And Saturn’s Dahiya phase which is of 2 and half years will start for Scorpio and Cancer signs. However, Libra, Gemini will come out from their Saturn’s Dhaiya phase and feel a lot of respite.  Whereas, Capricorn sign will enter into the last leg of Sade Saati.

This transit of Saturn to Aquarius will be there for 2 and ½ years. Let us explore how this transit will reflect in your life…




This transition of Saturn to your house of gains will bring in tremendous changes in life. You might plan to buy a property in this phase. Gains from ancestral properties or inheritance is also likely to manifest. Monetary gains are plenty and growth patterns emerge for you as the years progress. Career growth path will be easy to achieve and honours and accolades are all yours to enjoy. Your relationship with your elder siblings will also improve a lot in this phase of your life. Over all this is a good transit and it brings in a lot of happiness in life.

The downslide will be that you will undergo a lot of internal confusions and anxieties in life especially after April 2022 when Jupiter too transits to your ascendant. This might create a sense of dichotomy in life. keep a check on your headaches and hair fall. Nervous system will become pretty sensitive, some relief will come in from June to October 2023 and then a lot of things will ease out from October 2023 as Rahu shifts from your ascendant. You might also be worried about your children and their growth in life. Be careful while driving. You might also be prone to pain in your leg area.

Remedy:  Chant Ram Raksha Strotam daily starting from an auspicious Thursday.




This is an excellent transit for Taurian’s. Your focus will shift more towards career growth and you shall achieve greater heights in your professional path. Times are good and people working under you will also come forward and support you in your endeavours. Lady luck will also smile on you and a lot of coincidences and patterns will open up boosting the success quotient in your life.

The down slide would be that there might be some stress related to your mother’s health or home front might become a bit sensitive. Avoid foreign travels and also avoid believing in strangers as it can build up setbacks for you. Relationship with your spouse also needs to be handled with love and care.

Remedy:  seek blessings of motherly figures in your life. Do charities for a needy girl on her marriage.





Gemini’s find a lot of relief from 17th of January 2023 as they come out of Saturn’s 2 and ½ period (Shani Dhaiyya). A burst of positive energy flows in your life and it brings in huge relief in various aspects of your life. You had to undergo a lot of struggles in the past two and half years but now onwards you shall find a lot of relief in your life. Saturn shifts to your house of luck and opens up a lot of avenues for you which will define the growth path in your life. Blessings of ancestors and spiritual growth are another aspect of your life that will get activated and shall create further happy and calming period in your life.

The downslide would be that there can be issues related to your siblings and you might undergo a lot of confusions when it comes to buying a new property or taking up a new project in life.

However, from October 2023 situations will further ease out and help from unexpected quarters will get activated.

Remedy:  Do charities on Saturday’s on the name of one’s ancestors.






This transit of Saturn of 2 and ½ years can be tough on Cancerians as they will start their Saturn Dhaiyya phase. Saturn transits to your eighth house and can create issues related to legs and also problems related to nerves. Health can be an area of concern. You might have to work extra hard to achieve growth in your life. Keep a check on your driving skills as chances of minor accidents or injuries are also on the higher side.

You might also be extra worried about your children and also your professional growth plans. The key to success in any of the above areas is an extra effort form your end. Hard work is the success quotient in your life.

The saving grace is the transit of Jupiter which will protect you and help you in manifesting growth and success in your life.


Remedy:  Chant Dashrath Shani strotam daily starting from an auspicious Saturday.





Saturn shifts to your seventh house which is nataly an exalted house in the kaal chakra horoscope. Saturn’s transit here will activate marriage yoga for many who have been wanting to settle down and haven’t been able to do so for a long time. Business associates will listen and follow your thoughts as they will respect your wisdom through and through in this phase of your life. You shall further grow in your life from April onwards and shall enjoy honours and accolades from various fronts.

However, the downside is that there will be a phase of extreme mindset when it comes to following religious rituals and activities. There will be phases when you will be too involved in religious activities and then there will be phases when you will be completely detached from it. You might have to deal with confidence issues as confusions surmount high in your life. Also anxieties related to family front will be another key area and health of a motherly figure might also cause you some stress.

Still, blessings of ancestors shall help you sail through most of your problems in this phase of life.

Remedy:  apply saffron paste on your forehead, throat and navel starting from a Thursday. Offer rice to crows.



Saturn shifts to its powerful house and builds up good protection around you. health will improve a lot and you will relook into your health patterns and might get interested in a new health activity that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Debts will be overcome and monetary gains will strengthen your finances. If you have been stuck up in some legal battles then this is the phase which will protect you and save you from these chores and bring victory in your life. Happiness from children will be high and you will feel a lot of relief as far as their growth is concerned. Your opponents will get crushed in their own vindictive cycles.

The downside would be that you might feel a little anxious about research related activities especially if you are an analyst, a research scholar, a scientist or even an astrologer, this phase might build up few setbacks for you as things might shape up as you expect them to be. Inspite of health showing improvements, Lower abdomen and leg area will become sensitive and prone to injury. You might feel a bit lazy in pursuing your chores in life. One should avoid unnecessary travels and also avoid blindly trusting strangers during this transit of Saturn.

Remedy:  Light 5 Mustard oil diya ( made from wheat flour) and place it on banyan leaves under a Peepal tree.






You are about to witness a lot of relief in your life as you move out from Saturn’s Dhaiyya phase.  past two and half years have been tough on you especially when it came to home front and also problems related to your vehicles etc. were on the higher side. Now you move on to better times with all these gone into the past. Over all this is a good phase and happiness from children will be there. romance flows in and if you have been single then this is the phase when you might get entangled with some one interesting. If you have been planning to change your job and are in the interview process then be rest assured that you will come out with flying colours in this transit phase.

The area of concern will be the marital space and health of your spouse can be a cause of concern. You might also feel a bit confused about your business associates and might have to witness some setbacks in this front. Keep a check on your investments as some financial obligations might suddenly crop up in this phase of your life.


Remedy:  Walk barefoot on grass every day starting from a Saturday. Do charities for your female servants on Saturdays.




The transit of Saturn can be a cause of concern for scorpions as they will enter into Saturn’s dhaiyya phase. Problems at the home front can surface up building a lot of stress in life. Health of a motherly figure might be a cause of concern in this period. You might feel a lot restless in life especially when you are home bound. There can be some stress related to your vehicles or renovations in the house.

You need to be extra careful about your health area as this will become the focal point all through this transit. Nerve related issues, headaches, chest area and abdominal issues will trigger further. These health problems will get activated further from the last quarter of 2023 and till May 2024.

Avoiding laziness and being proactive in your approach will help you sail through most of your problems in life.


Remedy:  write ‘Ram’ name with saffron on a beetel leaf and offer it to Lord Hanuman ji on Tuesday and Saturday.





Sagittarius are in for a huge relief in life as they come out of their Saturn’s 7 and ½ years phase which is also popularly known as Shani Sade Saati phase. You have been under a huge roller coaster ride for the last 7 and half years but now is the time to reflect back on your hard work and to see what have been the lessons that you have learnt in life and what more you can do to improve it. There is this huge relief that is being witnessed by you as Saturn transits to your third house which is a very powerful position for Saturn to be in.

Your communications will improve and you will gain immensely through your PR skills. New friends will be made who will help you in your growth patterns to grow as the years progress.  Relationship with younger siblings improve and you will be happy in your space. Lady luck smiles on you and brings you further success and growth in life especially after April 2023 when Jupiter shifts to your 5th house. Honours and accolades are all yours to enjoy during this transit.

The downside can be that you will be overprotective about your children or your academics. This is creating a sine curve in your life, sometimes you will be ecstatic about the growth of your kids and sometimes you will be too stressed about their growth in life. The same sine curve flows in your romantic life as well. You should try to avoid foreign travels until or unless they are necessary in life.

Remedy:  Make a diya of wheat flour and light it in mustard oil. Place this Diya under a Peepal tree on Saturdays.





You shall be in the last phase of your Saturn’s Sade Saati (7 and ½ yrs. phase). this will bring in a lot of relief in life as most of the struggles have happened when you underwent the middle phase of Sade Saati. whatever hard work you have done in the past 5 years will be reflected in this last phase of Shani Sade Saati.  monetary gains will manifest and investments will bring in good growth in life. Career growth are also indicated in life though after a bout of extra hard work that needs to be executed from your end. Home front is an area of concern and needs more love and nurturing from your end.

The downside is that health of a motherly figure will also be a cause of concern in this period of your life. Slight nerve related issues and pain in the leg area might be a cause of concern in life. You might also wean off from someone very close to you or losing that is something very dear to you is high on this transit. There will also be some issues related to inheritance that you will have to deal with and which might need a lot of patience and ethical approach from your end.


Remedy:  Offer paste of Orange vermillion mixed with jasmine oil to Hanuman ji on Tuesday and Saturday.  Chant Hanuman Chalisa 11 times in Hanuman Mandir.





Aquarius will undergo the middle phase of Shani Sade Saati phase. In my opinion Aquarians don’t experience too much of adverse impact of the Sade Saati phase. Hard work is essential for growth and success in life. Being ethical in approach in another factor that will help you in overcoming anu hurdles in life. Respecting women in your circle and doing good for them will save you from a lot of troubles in life. If there are struggles then there are honours and accolades too that one might witness in life as the years pass by. Saturn in its Mool trikona rashi also creates ‘Shash yoga’ which is a powerful yoga to be in. Jupiter’s transit is helping in further in increasing monetary gains and also in gaining through one’s PR Skills.

The downside is that one should not forget that one is experiencing the middle phase of Sade Saati and it controls the heart centre of one’s body. Troubles in this area can be a cause of concern and one needs to focus more on one’s health. Losing someone very close to you or something that is very dear to you is a strong likeability. Stress and laziness will surmount your life slowing down the momentum of growth. Career growth will not be easy to achieve and one will have to work extra hard in this area. Health of the spouse is also a cause of concern.



Remedy:  Chanting Sunder Kaand daily in the evening or late night starting from an auspicious Tuesday.





Pisces sign will start on this journey of 7 & ½ year phase of Saturn’s Sade Saati with this transit of Saturn in Aquarius. The first phase controls the head area and can cause a lot of stress related to nervous system or headaches or hair fall etc. health is the key to happiness and one needs to work extra hard in it. Aquarius is also an air sign and doing pranayama will benefit Pisceans tremendously especially in the first 2 & 1/2-year phase of Sade Saati.

Inspite of the Sade Saati phase, you will gain from foreign shores and foreigners. Travels to distant areas are strong possibility for you in these 2 & ½ years. There will change of place or change of status as the years pass by.

However, the transit of Jupiter is a saving grace for Pisceans and that will help them in experiencing less impact of the Sade Saati phase.

The downside is that one needs to keep a check on one’s investments and also on one’s speech as that can cause a lot of setbacks and negative publicity for you in your life especially from mid 2024 phase onwards. One can also expect losing something that is very dear to him /her. Keep a check on your finances and also keep a check on your health.

Remedy:  Chanting Hanuman Chalisa twice daily will bring in a lot of respite. Light Jasmine oil diya in front of Lord Hanuman ji on Tuesday and Saturday’s.

~ By Nandita Pandey

AstroTarotloger, Spiritual Scholar – Guide.

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