Impact of Solar(14/10) and Lunar (28/10)Eclipse falling in the month of October 2023… Do’s and Don’ts , Sutak Kaal etc..


Solar and Lunar Eclipse

(October 2023) 

October 2023 will witness two celestial eclipse events in a span of a fortnight. Annular Solar eclipse shall fall on the 14th of October’23  followed by a Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of October’23. In my research of last two decades on eclipses , I have always noticed that there are huge turmoils on the path of the eclipse especially a fortnight before and after the eclipse – on the areas that fall on the path of the eclipse.


This Eclipse will be an annular eclipse and shall form a ring of fire around Sun.. Solar eclipse takes place when Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sunlight to reach Earth…

The Annular eclipse is a partial solar eclipse where the moon hides the centre of the Sun to reflect its rays on Earth and only an outer periphery ring of fire can be foreseen during such a celestial event.

This Eclipse will be foreseen in the USA , South America , West of Africa, Canada, Arctic , Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. These areas shall be more affected by the impact of the Eclipse of the 14th of October 2023. The impact can be witnessed a fortnight before and after the eclipse.

I have done a lot of research in eclipse and its impact on Earth and sentient beings especially the homo sapiens i.e. us humans… Whenever , an eclipse falls , the areas affected by the path of the eclipse gets affected adversely.

A fortnight before and after the eclipse are the worst affected… the effect of a full solar eclipse can lead on to adverse phenomenon till 3 months… had predicted on that as well earlier when full solar eclipse had fallen in USA. All the events had unfolded as predicted by me in various social media.


The Solar Eclipse of 14th October is followed by the Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of October. This eclipse will have more impact on the world as it shall cover most of the Europe, Middle East, Asia, East coast of North America, Australia , Africa, South America, Atlantic and Indian Ocean, Arctic and Antarctica . Since thi sis a partial Lunar Eclipse , the aforesaid mentioned areas shall be the most impacted almost a fortnight before the eclipse and a fortnight after the eclipse.

We have recently witnessed a shocking Earthquake in Delhi and North India which had its epicentre in Nepal . Since we are yet to reel under the fortnight impact of the eclipses , these Earthquakes might occur again more frequently or in a high Rather scale within the fortnight span of the 28th October Lunar Eclipse. 

This is going to create a lot of upheavals in share market , Administration and Army conflict or any problems related to them where they might have to suffer or bear losses. The Lunar eclipse is falling on Ashwini Nakshatre and this can cause a lot of anxieties and unrest amongst people. I also expect a lo too Fire prone accidents/ mishaps in the coming one month phase.  There are more possibilities of Earthquakes/ landslides. terrorist attack / war like scenario. This can also trigger illness related to skin or attack of any virus/ bug etc. one can expect more iceberg slip in Antarctica zone.

Religious conflicts will be on the high and religious leaders will be under a lot of scanner in this time and they should be careful about allegations on them. 

One should be careful around an Eclipse , as it can lead to or can cause:

# Natural calamities like Earth Quakes, floods , heavy rains, unexpected weather changes.

#  Unexpected Fire , accidents, etc

# Mass destruction / illness

# Mass movements or upheavals

# sudden share market changes

# Border tensions

# Death of a Political Leader or a Celebrity.

# Major mass emotional upheavals

# Change of governance / government etc…


The Lunar eclipse falling on the 28/19th of October is affecting Indian subcontinent  and there will be a lot of changes that we shall witness and already are witnessing as have been mentioned above…


This Lunar eclipse on the 28th is falling on the sign of the Aries  shall impact people with Aries moon sign the maximum.

Aries ( Mesh Rashi) and Ashwini Nakshatra  people will witness a lot of emotional anxieties, conflicts with people close to them. They can undergo huge expenses/losses around this time and should be careful about their finances. They are also accident prone around this time and with Mars transiting to their 7th house can cause conflicts with their life partners or Business partners.




Date: 14th October 2023 

Annular Solar eclipse starts at IST : 8:33 pm IST

Maximum Solar Eclipse at : 11:29 pm (IST)

Solar Eclipse ends : 2:25 am ( 15th October ) IST



Date: 28/29th October 2023 

Penumbral Eclipse begins : 23:31:48

Partial Lunar eclipse starts at IST : 1:05 am ( 29th October)

Maximum Lunar Eclipse at : 1:44 (IST) ; 29th October

Partial Lunar Eclipse ends : 2:22 am ( 29th October ) IST

Penumbral Eclipse ends 3:56 am ( 29th October) IST

Total Duration : 4 hours 25 minutes. 


The Sutak kaal ( the timings from when the Eclipse Do’s and don’ts start and end)

There will be no SUTAK Kaal for people in India for Annular Solar Eclipse of 14th October 2023.

The Sutak kaal for Partial Lunar Eclipse will start on the 28th of October 2023 from 2:52 pm and it ends at 2:22 am ( 29th October 2023)  IST for New Delhi . 

Do’s and Don’t during Eclipse: 

DO’s during and Eclipse: 

There are many things that one can do during an eclipse..

# Doing Mantra Jaap is extremely good and once is also able to do siddhi of the Mantra that is being chanted.

# Meditation is extremely favourable during this time and is very powerful as well. blessing all the sentient beings while meditating will add on to a lot of good fortune for self.

# doing charitable activities especially on the name of one’s ancestors helps them in their salvation path and also brings good fortunes for you

# Eclipse are a great time to do any form of siddhi’s like Mantra , yantra , or Tantrik siddhi’s .

# Eclipse are a great time to energize Rudraksha and to wear them.

# chanting Maha Mrityunjay Mantra or Narayan Mantra creates special beautiful energies around you.

# Donating Satanaja ( seven types of grains immediately after the eclipse brings creates more good fortune than any other time.

# Keep Tulsi leaves ( basil leaves) or Kusha Grass  on your food or where you keep food grains, in fridge, in your water storage etc . They have strong properties to cleanse the radiation and therefore are used to absorb negative radiations during this period.

# Sprinkle Ganga gal or purified and energized water in all the corners of the house for positive energies to remain and for protection from negative ones.

#  This is a great time to energize your crystals .

Don’ts during an eclipse: 

# Avoid going out as the radiation can be harmful to your mind, body and Soul.

# the doors of the temples are shut primarily also because people will then avoid coming to temple and will not get harmed by the radiation already lurking in the environment around that time.

# the energies of Rahu and Ketu are extremely high and also aggravates the lower forms of energies on the earth plane. this can create unnecessary anxieties etc, so one should avoid taking major decisions about life during this period.

# eating food or drinking water is prohibited during an eclipse again the reasons are the same that chances of food getting contaminated by harmful radiations are high.

# Exceptions are made for children , old people, sick people  and pregnant woman who can have their meals but with Tulsi or Kusha Grass kept on their food for a while.

# Pregnant woman would avoid going out under direct impact of an eclipse. she is carrying a baby and the babies energies are very subtle and soft and can get adversely affected by strong flowing negative energies around this time and that is why it is said that they should avoid going out. They also undergo a lo too emotional anxieties during pregnancy and one witnesses emotional upheavals during eclipse period. therefore , for their own protection , they re asked to avoid going out.

May you be blessed and protected from any upheavals in your life.. .stay blessed…!!

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