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Impact of Solar(14/10) and Lunar (28/10)Eclipse falling in the month of October 2023… Do’s and Don’ts , Sutak Kaal etc..

  Solar and Lunar Eclipse (October 2023)  October 2023 will witness two celestial eclipse events in a span of a fortnight. Annular Solar eclipse shall fall on the 14th of October’23  followed by a Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 28th of October’23. In my research of last two decades on eclipses , I have always […]

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Solar Eclipse on 26th December 2019, its Impact …. Do’s and Don’ts during an Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 26th December 2019 Solar eclipse falls on the last week end of the year 2019… This Eclipse will be an annular eclipse and shall form a ring of fire around Sun.. Solar eclipse takes place when Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sunlight to reach Earth… The Annular […]

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