Weekly Tarot Forecast (16th – 22nd June 2019)

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 ARIES : –   (22nd March- 21st April)

Financially this is a great time for you to make new investments. Legal matters if any shall turn in your favour. Professional growth is good and gains from creative ideas or projects will be extremely fruitful. Matters of heart will be romantically inclined and any outings with your loved one shall be enjoyable and memorable. Expansions and gains through family related matters is also strongly indicated in this week. Health is a key area of concern and needs better monitoring. New beginnings by the end of the week shall be growth oriented and positive.


 TAURUS: (22nd April – 21st May)

Professionally this is a fantastic time to manifest success and growth through your projects. There are possibilities of initial doubts related to new investments but if take some risk and go ahead with tem then be rest assured success and profits knocks your door soon. Abdominal problems might surface up in this week. Problems related to family are also high strung as uncontrolled emotions can case you further anxieties. Travels are best avoided in this phase of your life. Matters of heart will be pleasant and romantically inclined and you would want to spend quality time with your loved one in this week. A youngster can be a cause of concern as the week comes to its end.


GEMINI:  (22nd May- 21st June)

This is the week when you explore a number of options to rejuvenate your health. There is surely a boost in your health which is quite a comforting factor looking at other adverse situations that you might have to face during this period. Insecurities surmount when it come to tackling your finances and this reflects in your slow growth in profession. If you want to gain from your projects then you should avoid any kind of ego clashes at the work area. Stick on to your beliefs no matter who says what in matters of your heart. This will help in harmonizing situations and in opening up romance in your love life.  a strong confident way of dealing family matters helps in balancing a lot of blockages in life. Travels are best avoided during this period. This however is a transient phase as you seem to be in a happy and relaxed state as the week comes to its end.


 CANCER:  (22nd June – 21st July)

 Professionally you seem to be growing and a man who has good understanding of finances comes forward to help and guide you in achieving success in your projects. Financial status improves slowly and subtly as the week progresses. Health needs to be monitored well as there are possibilities of certain health issues troubling you for a longer duration. Money matters show subtle gains during this week. Travels indicate an average rate of success and your family life also running on a mediocre happiness status at present. Slow subtle improvements can be witnessed as the week comes to its end. Learn to invent a new innovative way to woo your partner in matters of heart else there are possibilities of anxieties and stress in your relationship.

LUCKY COLOUR:   pearl white.

LEO:  (22nd July – 21st August)

Matters of heart shall be romantically inclined and blessed. Happiness comes in through children and chances are you might hear good news related to them. Health keeps you in a happy rejuvenated state. You enjoy the warmth and comfort of being in the company of your family. Expenses can be on the higher side all through this phase of life. expenses can also run higher on women forces in your life professionally, you still need to be more realistic in life as someone close to you might not fulfill your expectation levels. Travel plans materialize for certain destination that you had been thinking a lot about and yet had not been able to do.

LUCKY COLOUR:  sky blue.

VIRGO: (22nd August- 21st September)

A woman who believes in taking quick decision helps you in enhancing the romantic quotient of your love life. Professionally this is a great time to expand your work. The more you bring your PR skills to use the better it shall be for you in work matters. Financial gains are structured well and you shall be interested in making fresh investments keeping the future of your near and dear ones in mind. A motherly figure helps you and guides you well in matters related to your family as well. Travels to new destinations are a strong likeability in this week. This is also a phase of reinventing your travel itenary. Health is good and keep you rejuvenated all through this phase.



LIBRA: (22nd September- 21st October)

Travels made during this week shall be extremely favorable and enjoyable. You shall be applauded for your choice of destination or travel arrangements. Legal matters if any turn in your favour as well. Health keeps you absolutely fit and you enjoy a perfect balance of mind, body and soul. Support from family is good and they shall stand by you in your thick and thin. Professionally, you gain through a sensible approach towards life and witness a slow and steady growth in it. A man who is financially in a comfortable situation can be a cause of concern this week also affecting your love life adversely. Financial expenses are on the higher side and outflow of money is more on children. You might be worried about a fatherly figure in your life as the week comes to its end.



SCORPIO:  (22nd October- 21st November)

Financially there are growth patterns emerging and bring you gains and good fortune. A woman who has a dynamic personality helps you in your financial endeavours. Professionally although it might seem that things are going fine on the surreal levels, yet there are few issues that need more digging and are disturbing your internal peace. Matters of heart are romantic and yet there is a vacuum in life that still needs to be fulfilled. Health needs better monitoring. There are possibilities of muscular pains and bone aches. Sudden stressful times related to family matters can cause you excessive stress and disturbance in sleep patterns. Be careful about all your travel documents while on a journey lest it creates unnecessary hassles. The week ends on a fantastic note and brings in peace and happiness in your life.

LUCKY COLOUR :   green


SAGGITARIUS:  (22nd November– 21st December)

Travels shall be favourable and enjoyable all through this phase of life. You will be in control of the situation and would know how to manipulate it to your benefit. Your family supports you in your activities and stands by you in your thick and thin. Professionally there are possibilities of facing deadlocks due to lack of communications and PR work. Financial stress is high and needs better monitoring. Health improves slowly and subtly as the week progresses. Whatever effort you make in this week especially around the end of the week will bring you results in times to come. Love life needs more love and nurturing. You might be worried about a youngster, which can create adverse situation in matters of your heart.

LUCKY COLOUR:  sunny yellow


CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)

Good news in love life knocks your door as the week begins for you. Happiness is also indicated from the end of children. Finances show ups and downs and yet bring in benefits by the end of the week. An elderly person in the family who has a domineering personality helps you and guides you in your life all through this week. Travels are absolutely beneficial and bring in a lot of relaxation as the week progresses. Situations might be dominating in matters related to your health. You might receive some good news as the week comes to its close.



AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 21st February)

A woman who has good understanding of finances is the one who can be your guiding light in your projects in this week. Health keeps you in a rejuvenated shape. Matters of heart shall be pleasant and you would enjoy shopping for renovating your abode all through this phase of your life. The more you spend time outside and involve in cardio exercises the better it shall be for you. Travels shall be favorable and enjoyable all through this phase of your life. you will become more responsible for your near and dear ones while planning a journey. Emotional anxieties are heavy when it comes to your family matters. Financial expenses are also on the higher side due to emotional reasons.



PISCES:   (22nd February- 21st March)

Travels are favourable and enjoyable and show subtle improvements. Matters of heart are pleasant and subtly romantic. Matters of heart indicate subtle romance seeping in your life. Family life will build up subtle happiness in life. Health shows improvements after consistent effort from your end. Youngster at your office can be a cause of concern hampering your growth patterns in this week and this adversely affects your financial growth as well. Being firm in your decisions helps you in gaining through your investments. The happiness that you seek in life might take some more time to manifest.


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