Tarot Weekly Forecast  (15thJuly – 21stJuly 2018) ……………… ……………….Nandita Pandey is a celebrity AstroTarotloger, Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, Past Life regression Therapist, Life Coach…. Also appears as a panel of Metaphysical / Astro expert in all the top Indian TV News Channels … is a columunist in many magazines and newspapers… and also a resident AstroTarotloger with the Times of India Group in India since last decade and half….

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Tarot Weekly Forecast

 (15thJuly – 21stJuly 2018)

ARIES : –   (22nd March- 21st April)

Matters of heart would need special focus towards your love life. Professionally, things might go out of your hand in this week. However, being ethical in yoru approach helps you in manifesting success. Finances show subtle improvements all through this period. A little bit of relaxations helps in health matters as well. You need to learn new ways to deal with your family matters. Listening to your inner voice also helps you in manifesting success. Be firm in your decisions as the week comes to its end.

Lucky Dates:    15,18,19

 TAURUS: (22nd April – 21st May)

New beginning in matters of heart shall be favourable and enjoyable. Health keeps you in a fit shape and will improve further under the guidance of a woman. Extra efforts will have to be made to ensure successful journeys. A feeling of restlessness might seep in by the end of the week. Financial outflow might be higher than your expectations. Keep a check in your projects as well for they too might test your patience in this week.

Lucky Dates:    15,18

 GEMINI:  (22nd May- 21st June)

Good news knocks your door in work area. A youngster who is a glib talker might help you sail through most of your hurdles in life. Initial confusion might persist while taking a call on your investments. However, if you go ahead Inspite of these confusions, be rest assured you shall be in a favourable situation. Love life shall be romantically inclined. A number of opportunities will flow in to create peace and happiness in family. Travels will show average success. The week ends on a positive note.

Lucky Dates:    15,16,17,19,21.

 CANCER:  (22nd June – 21st July)

 Travels will keep you extremely busy all through this phase of your life. New beginnings in the family shall also be peaceful and harmonious. Growth in career front shall shoot northwards bringing you success and honours. A man who has good financial understanding will go out of the way to help you in boosting your career. Matters of heart shall be pleasant and romantic. Wedding celebrations for some of you might manifest during this period. Finances indicate average success all through this period. Emotional anxieties might cause you health stress. Avoid being too aggressive by the end of the week as it shall harm you more than doing any good to you.

Lucky Dates:    15,16,19,20

LEO:  (22nd July – 21st August)

Good news knocks your door in work related matters. Financial outflow will be on the higher side as the week progresses. Love life shall be pleasant and romantically inclined all through this period. You need to monitor financial matters as excess expense might suddenly crop up. Changes in the family front shall be pleasant and harmonious. You will feel responsible for your travel mates while on a journey.

Lucky Dates:    16,19,20

VIRGO: (22nd August- 21st September)

Professionally, there are positive changes that will take place as the week progresses. A man who has a practical approach towards life will help you sail through your work hurdles. Finances need more patience and tactful approach to achieve growth and success. A woman who has an aggressive and dominating approach helps you in your travel ventures. Children shall be a cause of concern in life the whole week through. Matters of heart will create ups and downs in life and any kind of carelessness might cause you further anxieties.

Lucky Dates:    16,17,20

 LIBRA: (22nd September- 21st October)

 This is a week that will test your patience and inner wisdom to deal with different difficulties in life with ease and calmness. New beginnings in the family front shall help you in enjoying peace and harmony in life. You might feel let down in your love life during this period. Professionally there are others who would want to take charge and control your decisions at present. One needs to be more realistic in life to achieve success in finances. This is just a transient phase, the week ends with success and growth in life.

Lucky Dates:    19,21

 SCORPIO:  (22nd October- 21st November)

Financially you shall be in a great shape as the week progresses. Legal matters turn in your favour as you move ahead in life. Professionally a woman can cause you stress and delays in your work. One needs to focus towards one’s love life in order to achieve happiness and love in matters of heart. Health matters need to be focused more intensely to rejuvenate in life. Travels might cause you stress and they are best avoided this week.

Lucky Dates:    17

SAGGITARIUS:  (22nd November- 21st December)

Financially there are positive changes that shall take place in life all through this week. Expansions and growth are all yours to indulge in as far as your monetary status is concerned. Professionally, you will feel more restless and can cause further stress in life. In matters of heart you need to have alternative plans to manifest the promises being made to you. Health can be a cause of concern. Travels indicate average success. The week ends on subtle positive changes in life.

Lucky Dates:    17,21

CAPRICORN:  (22nd December- 21st January)

Financially, there are positive changes that shall take place in life and this will build up positive growth patterns in life. Professionally you need to have consistent approach to achieve success and growth. Travels are best avoided in this week as you might develop a sense of frustration while on a journey. There are certain issues related to your family that is making you grieve all by yourself and you are unable to share it with others. Opening your heart out to the concerned person shall resolve a lot of your deadlocks in life. You will be in a happy mode by the end of the week as you get to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Lucky Dates:    17,21

AQUARIUS:  (22nd January- 19th February)

Good news knocks your door in matters of your heart. You shall enjoy this phase as work also indicates a lot of positivity and improvements. Financially, you are entering into a positive mode with growth and gains falling on your lap. Health of a male member in your circle can be a cause of concern. A youngster in the family might be tough to handle. However, a motherly figure helps you in your travel ventures during this period. One can expect a surprise gift in life as the week comes to its end.

Lucky Dates:    15,16,17,20

PISCES:   (19thFebruary- 21st March)

Financially, a woman helps you in your endeavours in life. She is a person who has a practical approach towards life. Family matters put you in an elevated happy and harmonious state. You might plan to shift to a better place along with your family during this period. Avoid clinging to your past while on a journey as this might cause you a lot of anxiety and hurt. Professionally, there are growth and success in life. Love life needs more expanded mindset then only things will shape up positively. You shall come across a number of opportunities in life as the week comes to its end.

Lucky Dates:    17,19,21





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